Enterprise: Data Center Development and Management, Server Configuration and Deployment, Client Interaction Software / Customer Management Software, Security and Intrusion Detection.

Network: Hardware Acquisition, Configuration, Installation, and Management, Data Cabling and Connectivity, WiFi and Networking installation, configuration, and management, Network-based application deployment.

User: Desktop / Laptop Acquisition, Configuration, Installation, and Management, User-level software and hardware support, Application management for end-users, Training

Essentially, if it involves technology, Truly Integrated Computing can make your world function better. We strive for rock-solid reliable solutions that are easy to use, meaningful technology updates and enhancements that cut though the the marketing talk and really impact your business, and creating custom solutions that empower our clients to control their own destiny and take care of their core business without worrying about technology.

Premise and Network Security
Technology Investigations
Hardware Specification, Installation, and Configuration
Transaction Security Computer Forensics
Application Development